Make your NFT Collection thrive

Extend the capabilities of your NFT Collection and create an engaging community with exclusive features for your holders. Grow your secondary sales with extensive analytics on token owners, whitelisted wallets and market data.

Professional NFT Collection Management

Unlockable Contents
& Events

Provide access to exclusive contents and events for your token holders. You can filter access based on traits, specific token ids and many more filters. Collect RSVP for real life and metaverse events for your community.

Votings & DAO

Let your token holders participate in major and minor decisions around your collection. We implemented a gasless voting mechanism.

Allowlist Management
& Holder Analytics

Collect, Categorize and Manage whitelisted wallets for your mint. Learn on extensive on-chain analysis more about your holders and whitelisted wallets.

Marketplace Integration
& Secondary Sales Dashboard

View recent sales and listings on Opensea, Rarible, LooksRare and other marketplaces. Based on the data we'll create trendlines and sales statistics.

Smart Contract Management

Import your existing ERC721 or ERC1155 Smart Contract and Manage all functions on an easy to use management dashboard.

Token Management

Create and Manage tokens thourgh bowline: You can run simulations on trait rarity, freeze metadata and much more.

Build a community and increase utility

Most NFT projects fail to deliver on their roadmap. Bowline allows you to provide utility and engaging contents to your community of holders at day one. You can easily maintain unlockable contents, votings, events and much more - only accessible for your holders and assignable to specific traits or tokens.

Holder Analytics and valuable Insights on your Collection

Learn more about each holders transaction history and trading behaviour. Identify valuable members of your community and key performance indicators that can successfully drive your mint event as well as secondary sales.

Build utility around our featured blue chip collections

Want to provide, sell or use an existing community to build upon? Use our featured blue chip contracts to create special activities only accessible for their holders.

We are currently featuring xx Communities and planning to add further ones based on requests.

Attention all creators

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my existing ERC721 or ERC1155 contract that I created e.g. through a marketplace?
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Does bowline support Layer 2 Solutions on the Ethereum Ecosystem?
Is bowline safe to use? Are my funds at risk?
Which wallets do you accept?
Can I upgrade my pass?
What is the duration of the pass?
Can I invest in bowline?